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‘I Have a Dream’ – Free From Gravity

26 Apr

‘I Have a Dream’ by Free From Gravity is the latest single from the UK 4 piece. Free From Gravity have certainly created some stellar music and videos in the past, so how does ‘I Have a Dream’ compare to the rest? Pretty good actually!

Best described as ‘A blast from the past’, ‘I Have a Dream’ feels like a revitalization of music that has somewhat slipped out of todays popular culture.  Basically, it feels as though this track is designed for some serious nostalgia moments. Good Thing? Yeah…yeah it is!

The video for ‘I Have a Dream’ is also a great visual representation for the song. A simple showcase with the band on stage doing what they do best. This delivers an appropriate image and backdrop for what the song (and band) is all about…..simple, down to Earth fun.

‘I Have a Dream’ takes the listener on a fantastic nostalgic adventure. Another great addition to the bands back catalogue and an accompanying video that is pure class.


You can check out Free From Gravity at their Official Facebook.


Theory – Zproject

12 Apr

“Good music is dead”. Well whoever said that certainly didn’t take a listen to Theory by Zproject. This compilation is a musical experience like no other. Theory is something that you need to hear to believe.

Straight off the mark we’re treated to the sensual groove of ‘Beat-89’. This track really sets a nice pace for the rest of the record and certainly heightens the senses for the listener. The next few tracks offer more of the same. Big sounds, insatiable grooves and irresistible hooks is what these tracks are all about. Actually it’s what the whole compilation is really all about. I found myself just wanting to relax and let the music take me where it pleased. This record wanted to make me forget about the stresses in life and I must say it did.

The production is crisp and as clear as day. Zproject really have done a fantastic job with this record. The dynamics are perfect and compliment each song. It seems as though the relationship between the style of music and the technology used for recording is very balanced and sustained. This record has the sound of a modern mix however retains the feel of a vintage album. A perfect balance.

Theory is a must have for your collection. This is an album full of beauty and groove. If you ever find yourself in need of an epic chill out session, Theory is the record you should put on. Just be prepared to not get off the couch for quite some time..


Theory by Zproject is for sale on CD Baby.