‘Ineffective Lullabies’ – The Incredible Kicks

14 Jun

“Should we go there?”….”Yes'”.

No boundaries is often a goal worked towards by many a musician. Many fail and some reach that goal. However very few can claim ownership to a genuine hunger for sonic exploration. The Incredible Kicks however, are amongst those very few.

Scheduled for release on July 13th, Ineffective Lullabies is the latest release from The Incredible Kicks and this just may be their most ambitious record to date. The whole idea of a genre is thrown out the window when it comes to these guys and you never know which direction the music is heading in. It feels as though an absolute myriad of  ideas that fit together were thrown into the melting pot and somehow, someway, Ineffective Lullabies was born. An unusual method of creation, but one that certainly works in the bands favor.

The Incredible Kicks are an absolute dynamic force on this release, combining the ambition of King Crimson, the creativity of The Beatles and the precision of Transatlanic. Ineffective Lullabies is a constantly changing ride, it seems to grab the listener and never let go. This is a record without a dull moment with plenty of surprises.

Each song sounds nothing like the next and each contains it’s own unique stamp on the record with no niche left untouched. Songs such as ‘Footprints’, ‘Ratings’ and ‘Ineffective Lullaby’ bring back that crisp, vintage sound and attitude of the 60’s and 70’s. Track #6, ‘Last Person Alive’ is the highlight of the record, containing some of the best Hard Rock riffs I’ve heard all year and is one of the tightest, free flowing Progressive tracks of the year. Complex would most likely be an understatement when it comes to ‘The Incredible Kicks sound’, but the band have managed to maintain a successful marriage between complexity and style. Tasteful complexity is what it’s all about.

As far as musical surprises go in 2012, Ineffective Lullabies ranks quite high on my list. However this was quite a pleasant surprise. I love that vintage Prog Rock sound and The Incredible Kicks have absolutely nailed it. This latest record is a true testament to what this Brisbane based band can do. So if insane, vintage Prog Rock is your thing, then I definitely recommend you put this in your collection. This record is the magic that happens when the question is beckoned. “Should we go there?”…….”Yes'”.


You can check out The Incredible Kicks at their official Facebook Page:



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