Ne Obliviscaris – Live @ The Beetle Bar, 10/06/2012

15 Jun


The stage is set. The crowd is silent and Brisbane is ready for the return of            Ne Obliviscaris.

Following an engaging build up, the band breaks into track #1 from their highly praised debut album, Portal Of I. The crowd surges into a frenzy and the energy in the venue is immediately electrified. Ne Obliviscaris are back, and more powerful than ever before.

‘Xenoflux’ (a personal favorite of mine) is the next track the band dives into. Everything is as tight as it could be. Every melody, every rhythm, every vocal line and every beat is played to perfection. Drummer, Nelson Barnes powers through with immense energy whilst bassist, Brendan ‘Cygnus’ Brown adds a rare trait of beauty to the bands rhythm section, creating a powerful yet intricate sound. The climax of this song is the first sign of just how epic Ne Obliviscaris can be. We expected epic and we that’s exactly what we got.


The body of the set contained more epic tracks such as ‘Of The Leper Butterflies’, ‘Forget Not’ and ‘And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope”. Once again, the band shows us exactly why they are one of the best Progressive Metal bands in Australia. Xenyor and Tim Charles are a formidable duo and work perfectly together on vocals. Both are able to project their voices with such authority and energy. It truly is a sight that must be seen and heard. The incredible guitar work of Benjamin Baret is another strength of the band. His technical yet tasteful guitar playing is something to behold. Matt Klavins on Rhythm keeps the bands sound thick and tight, a trait which all guitarists should take note of. Most of the crowd can do nothing but watch in awe, however some can’t help but go absolutely mental to the sound of Ne Obliviscaris.

ImageThe tail end of the set draws near. It feels as though the band has just began even though they’ve now been playing for close to an hour! ‘As Icicles Fall’ and ‘Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise’ are the tracks that will be the last of the night and the band delivers them with nothing but ferocity and power. The conclusion of the show features the amazing vocal and violin solo by Tim Charles from Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise’ . A beautiful ending to a brutal set.

I had certain expectations for this show. I expected something brilliant. What surprises me is just how good this band is. From their album, to their live show. Everything was brilliant. I look forward to when Ne Obliviscaris play a larger venue. One can only assume just how impressive it would be…


Ne Obliviscaris – Live @ The Beetle Bar, 10/06/2012

Photography by Taz Febicoski


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