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‘Magical Things’ – Emporium

25 Aug

The latest by Edinburgh music veterans, Emporium is like a swirly trip through a peppermint candy (if you can imagine whatever that would be like). But seriously. These guys are known for being one of the most laid back and stress free bands in all of the land and as the saying goes, ‘Stress free, not music free’. Now Emporium is on the verge of releasing their new album ‘Magical Things‘, due out in late 2012. What can we expect to hear?

We should just be blunt here and say not everyone is going to like Emporium. They’re an acquired taste. A dish that only a few will be able to appreciate. That’s not to say that Emporium is a weird band or anything. On the contrary. the sound and style of ‘Magical Things’ is unquestionably Pop orientated and would have been the industry standard Pop sound about 20-30 years ago. Expect nothing but clean, crisp sounds from this band.

Each song is supported by driven grooves and solid bass lines. Each song is well crafted, finely put together piece of work. What let’s this album down is it’s mix. Their is an obvious lack of power in the mix. To some this might not be an issue, to others it might just be the main factor that defines your opinion about ‘Magical Things‘. This might be a conscious decision though to appeal to a certain market? After all this is a band that practically shouts ‘niche’. All speculative my friends.

Due out in late 2012, Emporiums latest release, entitled ‘Magical Things‘ might just be your new favorite record. This is music made by musicians who have been in the game for a good stack of time (and just because they’re from Scotland doesn’t mean they’ll sing ‘500 miles’ for you…..Or does it?)




Emporium Official Website


‘Francis Bowie EP’ – Francis Bowie

21 Aug

Good artists always had this knack of being able to rope you in with just 30 seconds of material. In a world that seems to be full of ‘artists’ we often find ourselves being bombarded with both amazing and terrible music on a daily basis. Every now and again however, something a little bit different comes along. Something different came along today actually. The new Francis Bowie EP.

The new Francis Bowie EP is one of those releases that immediately grabs your attention. It’s an eclectic mix of emotional delivery and electronic dance grooves. The EP is also quite an atmospheric ordeal with Bowie utilising his effects choices with great precision and placement.

Emotion is the forefront of this release. Francis Bowie launches his lyrics with unforgiving honesty. Lyrically, this is probably one of the more accomplished electronic releases of 2012. Finally something different from the run of the mill dance tunes of today.

To best compare the latest release from Francis Bowie, look no further than the likes of Joy Division, The Cure, David Bowie, Annie Lennox or The Prodigy. A hint of 80’s and 90’s American and British influences are present all throughout the EP.

If you’re in the mood for some Electronic music with a bit more depth and meaning to it, then look no further than Francis Bowie. It’s eccentric, it’s moody, it’s honest. Go buy it.




Francis Bowie Official Website

‘Peace, Love & Phaytul Muzik’ – J Phaytul

19 Aug

J Phaytuls new collaborative album is nearly out! Entitled ‘Peace, Love & Phaytul Muzik’, this is one album that is sure to please lovers of urban music. I’ll tell you now, go buy it, put it in your CD player and then you’ll understand why It’s damn good. However, since it’s not out yet I’ll tell you why you should buy it!

First of all, the collaborations on this album are superb. The combination of artists featured on this album are both eclectic and top quality. Phaytul has spared no expense in having the best. Artists such as LaRon Bishop, Tygastyle, Prominant, Uzual Suspectz, Planetary and many more contribute to ‘Peace, Love & Phaytul Muzik‘ in their own unique way. A uniqueness which makes each track a different experience from the last.

Total and utter destruction is the aim of this record. Most of the experience is just pure in your face, urban stylized Hip Hop. There are times where you’re allowed a small break, to chill out to some mellow tracks. Don’t get too comfortable though, it is just a break from the slaughter that is ‘Peace, Love & Phaytul Muzik‘.

What’s there to say about production? Nothing really….It’s all perfect. Driven bass lines, floating melodies and rhymes so focused you’re English teacher would be proud. Everyone and everything has their moment to shine. This is Aggressive Hip Hop produced properly.

If you like some aggression, honesty and thickness in your urban music, then buy this record. Or even just buy this record because it’s pretty damn good. ‘Peace, Love & Phaytul Muzik‘ is the latest from J Phaytul. Let’s hope it’s not the last. More of this please.




J Phaytul Official Website

‘The Protege of Plies’ – Jeb Bush

14 Aug

The new Jeb Bush EP is a true representative of dark and furious Hip Hop. This is an artist who takes no prisoners and sends a chill down your spine. And this is why..

Straight from the beginning, ‘The Protege of Plies’ is an in your face and unforgiving powerhouse. Jeb Bush wastes no time in introducing himself to you. His voice commands your attention and his lyrics are thrown at you without fear. He keeps things real and honest, however we’re not surprised because this is Jeb Bush and this is what he does.

Thumping and driven are the beats. Dark and melancholy are the melodies. In form, is Jeb Bush. His phrasing and structure of syllables is great and his delivery is strong. In comparison to Ice Cube, Tyler the Creator and B Real, I’d say Jeb Bush strongly contends with them.

Production is crisp and clear (what we’ve come to expect from modern Hip Hop records these days). The true gem of these beats however is their power and authority. They’re simply in your face. And the bass?…Real trouser moving shit. This is an EP with some well made beats, my friend.

Into dark Hip Hop with some power? Then ‘The Protege of Plies’ is for you then. Wouldn’t suggest it for a chilled sesh, but definitely for something to get you moving. So don’t be lazy, get moving to ‘The Protege of Plies’.




Jeb Bush Official Website

‘Season Unending’ – Split The D

9 Aug


Split The D are a group of chilled guys, just playing music together for the love of it. The band have been progressing towards bigger and better things since the release of ‘Season Unending‘. We got the chance to take a listen to why Split The D are creating such a buzz amongst the Pop/Punk scene.

‘Season Unending‘ is a real blast from the past. Split The D seem to have really grasped the concept of combining vintage Pop/Punk tones from the likes of Blink 182 whilst combining it with original and modern Punk elements. Although the band does draw most of it’s inspiration from the Pop/Punk scene of old, they really dice things up by adding quite a heavy rhythmic aspect to their sound which really sets them apart from the rest.

Droning and emotional vocals are a key factor to Split The D‘s sound. The lyrical content and vocal delivery sits well with the heaviness of the band (especially when emphasized with shouting vocals). One could almost say this band is one of the heaviest in the genre. The band performs effortlessly and delivers their message with unquestionable clarity.

Production quality of this record could register as a lack of ‘over production’ to some listeners as there certainly is a vintage sort of feel to the sound. However all the tones are controlled perfectly in order to stand up to the quality of records that are being produced in the 21st century. This record is all about balance and I think Split The D got it right with this one.

Overall this is a solid album. Fans of early Blink 182 would definitely enjoy this and I think even Hardcore fans might find something to like about this record. It really feels like a nostalgic moment listening to this record as it takes you back to the early 2000’s when Pop/Punk was really making it’s rise to global attention. Nothing chilled about ‘Season Unending’, it’s heavy Pop/Punk and it’s done well. Check it out people.




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8 Aug

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7 Aug

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