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‘Strange Kind of Focus’ – Time And Energy

28 Sep

We all get that craving once in a while for some new and exciting music. Well lately I’ve been getting that craving. And like a pregnant woman to a tub of gourmet ice cream, I began to salivate over this album. Cravings satisfied.

‘Strange Kind Of Focus’ is the latest from Californian band, Time and Energy. Now this band is real interesting you see. Just two friends and a few loops….Yeah that’s it. However, don’t expect some sort of Black Keys or White Stripes affair. These guys have one incredible and full sound about them. If you knew nothing about this band, it will definitely surprise you to know that it only consists of two people.

More about the album though. What you can expect to hear most is probably an eclectic mix of Radiohead influence, coupled with the sultry vocal timbre of Boy and Bear and Mumford and Sons. The band showcases immense experimentation with their music, however they never get lost within that experimentation. The music feels as though it stays on course and never sends the listener into a spiraling decay of noise.

If you’re into musical diversity, exploration and let’s face it, near perfection, then Time and Energys latest album, ‘Strange Kind Of Focus’ should be in your collection. For fans of Radiohead, Boy and Bear, Mumford and Sons and Pink Floyd.


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Steel Panther Australian Tour 2012 Starts Soon!

27 Sep

Parkway Drive Australian Tour 2012

26 Sep

Parkway Drive “Atlas” Australian Tourwith special guests I Killed The Prom Queen, Northlane and Survival.

Thu December 13 High School, Byron Bay

Tickets from Afends (Byron Bay), Oztix outlets, December 14 Riverstage, Brisbane
Tickets from Ticketmaster 136100,

Sat December 15 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Tickets from Ticketek outlets,

Sun December 16 UC Refectory, Canberra
Tickets from Ticketek outlets,

Mon December 17 Panthers, Newcastle
Tickets from Panthers Box Office, Moshtix outlets

Wed December 19 Challenge Stadium, Perth
Tickets from Ticketmaster 136100,

Thur December 20 Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Tickets from Venue Tix outlets

Sat December 22 Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tickets from Ticketmaster 136100,

All shows all ages.

Tickets on sale August 22.

‘A Chameleon’s Dream EP’ – Cata9tales

24 Sep


‘A Chameleon’s Dream’ is the latest release from Hypercore duo, Cata9tales. These guys have some serious attitude and power when it comes to their songs. The duo draw inspiration from artists such as The Beastie Boys, Beck and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The next big thing in Hip Hop? Quite possibly.

Straight off the bat, Cata9tales pay respects to their vintage roots with a very raw and powerful sound. These guys are possibly the modern equivalent of The Beastie Boys. The EP showcases the duos ferocious partnership of fierce rhymns and thick, up tempo beats. A real mix of brutality and beauty is evident within the beats. Rhythmically, the beats are powerful, precise and groovy. Melodically, they have atmosphere, smoothness and emotion. Vocally, Berkley Priest delivers rhymes with incredible charisma, confidence and authority. There’s also a certain cheekiness to the way he phrases his lyrics. Cheeky, yet charismatic.

Another plus about this release is how much of a vintage feel it has. The EP switches back and forth between modern styles of Hip Hop and old (circa 80’s & early 90’s). Songs such as ‘Kaboombox, ‘Open Letter To Generation Adderall’ and ‘Ghettotron’ represent the bulk of Cata9tales modern Hip Hop style. Songs such as ‘What A Day’ and ‘Phoenix Weather’ showcase the duos vintage style.

Some of the samples on this EP are really unexpected as well. If you can spot them, you’ll hear Thomas Newmans ‘American Beauty’ and even Marty Mcfly makes an appearance!

You could like Cata9tales for two different reasons. You could like them for their vintage aspects or like their more modern style. Either way you’re in for a real treat. ‘A Chameleon’s Dream’ contains some really creative beats (some of the best that I’ve heard all year). Would reccommend this for fans of Eminem, Bliss n Eso, The Beastie Boys and Australian Hip Hop.




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‘Face The Future EP’ – Cats Park

24 Sep


The latest release from Atmospheric masters, Cats Park is probably going to go down as one of my favorites of 2012. The ‘Face The Future EP’ is a tripped out experience of slow, atmospheric and spacey vibes. This is one to give your full attention to.

This is an EP that has 100% focus on slow tempos and dreamy riffs and vocal deliveries. Not to say this record is boring, this is certainly not the case. It’s best suited for, shall we say….an altered state of mind. It’s thought provoking, attention grabbing and consistent. Songs such as ‘Time To Quit’, ‘Your Love Is A Sin’ and ‘Closer’ are incredible and are a perfect backdrop to any chilled out occasion. Where Cats Park really shines, is when they unleash their inner Jazz. The band really tears it up with this sound (especially at the closure of ‘Time To Quit’.

Whilst listening, you’ll most likely hear obvious influences such as Radiohead (it’s quite hard to not be influenced by Radiohead when you’re going for this type of sound), Massive Attack, Pink Floyd possibly even some early Motown or Jazz influence.  It’s definitely an eclectic mix, but Cats Park do manage to craft their own, unique sound. Consistency and familiarity with their sonds is where this band is strongest.

The ‘Face The Future EP’ is fine release from Cats Park. A great example of Experimental Jazz with emphasized atmosphere. Definitely for fans of Radiohead and Massive Attack.




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‘Open Road’ – Deanna Cartea

24 Sep

‘Open Road’ is the latest release by American Country artist, Deanna Cartea. Now this woman has had a big year with numerous awards, festival appearances and chart topping hits. I think it’s safe to say you should keep an eye on Deanna Cartea. So let’s see why…

What to expect to hear on this record? A bit of everything really. The real consistency lies within the beautiful and sultry voice of Deanna Cartea. The backing music can sway between an up tempo Rock number to laid back acoustic balladry, always tied up nicely with the confidence and purity of a Deanna Cartea vocal delivery.

The single from this album ‘Open Road’ has been very successful for Cartea. However in my honest opinion I don’t think it’s the strongest song on this record. Tracks such as ‘Song On The Radio’ and ‘Robot’ seem much more natural and the soft spoken, laid back acoustic vibe of these songs suits Carteas voice much more naturally. Her delivery and vocal timbre is reminiscent of greats such as Fiona Apple, Julia Stone, Emma Louise and Claire Bodwitch.

This is a fantastic, stripped back and honest Country album. This is an album of clarity and raw emotion. Definately for fans of Fiona Apple, Claire Bodwhitch, Casey Chambers or even Jeff Buckley.




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‘Upon The Me Om I’ – Generator Ohm

24 Sep


More and more brilliance is coming out of New York City as of late and Generator Ohm is no exception to that. These guys have presented their latest release, and as far as first impressions go, it’s a no brainer. Generator Ohm is pure class.

First point that should be made, is that this record is for fans of purity (none of that over produced, fancy gimmick music found in todays record stores). No, this is quality, raw and powerful Alternative Rock. It’s a salute to the skin and bones type of sound that made bands such as Fugazi, Soundgarden, The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jones Town Massacre household names.

Each song is a unique, but consistent experience. The band have come up with some of their best rhythmic lines and atmospheric melodies and thrown them at the wall of this record…Then carefully and precisely arranged the spillage. Songs such as ‘Lemming Shuffle’, ‘Platus’ and ‘They Can See Us’ are highlights from the record and contain some absolute bad ass riffage.

A huge compliment must be given to the production of this record as well. The partnership of Generator Ohm and Dan Kramer has worked wonders for this record. A certain no frills and ‘more is less’ approach is evident in the sound however the quality is kept crisp and clear. The romance of a vintage record is there and a dash of modern clarity was thrown in.

‘Upon The Me Om I’ is a fantastic record and a great example of that vintage, modernized underground Rock sound. Definitely for fans of Fugazi, The Dandy Warhols or The Brian Jones Town Massacre. Less is more? Doesn’t matter, ‘Upon The Me Om I’ is awesome, add it to your collection.




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