Joe Bonamassa Live @Qpac Concert Hall 03/10/2012

4 Oct

As somewhat of a ‘raw music’ enthusiast myself, I was very keen to check out Joe Bonamassa’s 2012 Australian Tour. I had the privilege of seeing Joe in 2011 when he played at the Tivoli and was thoroughly impressed at the power and presence of his show and this time around it was much of the same.

Unexpectedly, Joe opened the show with an acoustic set (bad for us considering they only let you photograph the first few songs), playing various numbers from his latest album, ‘Driving Towards The Daylight’. This was a nice and mellow approach to opening a concert. This set also had some pretty powerful and impressive moments with both Joe and drummer, Tal Bergman flaring up with solos and wicked instrumental breaks.

The set then finished and the lights go dim. The band then erupts into what they do best. Raw and powerful Rock music. Albeit a few sound issues in the beginning, you can tell it’s the only thing holding the band back from full force. A few tracks go by until the sound is rectified (during one of Joe’s best, ‘The Ballad Of John Henry’). Without notice, you feel the full power of Joe Bonamassa and his band. Incredible tones and style fill the hall and no doubt, every member of that audience had shivers going down their spine.

Throughout the night, Joe mixes the set up with various songs from his illustrious back catalog. There were numbers from Bonamassa albums, Black Country Communion albums and even a few covers thrown in here and there. But as always, Joe makes them his own and adds his personal, unique touch to each one (especially his famous encore ‘Just Got Paid’).

Production wise, this was not overly technical. This was definitely a show for lovers of music and not show. You’re eyes were fixated on each member of the band and their brilliance. Joe caresses his guitar like a beautiful woman and shows just why he’s considered one of the greatest guitar players of his generation.

It was a real pleasure to watch Joe Bonamassa play in such a fine concert hall. You cannot  fully appreciate the talent and genius of this man until you see him live. Go do yourself a favor and see one of the greatest guitarists of our time.

Photos by William France


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