Between The Buried & Me – Live @ The Zoo 15/11/2012

20 Nov

Wasn’t a bad night at all to see some Progressive Death Metal in Brisbane. Conditions were perfect and Progressive kings ‘Between The Buried & Me’ were in town to play a sold out show at The Zoo. This was the bands second venture to this ‘killer snake and crocodile’ infested country (may possibly have been a talking point for them on the plan trip over) and considering how much they kicked our asses last time they were here, Brisbane fans expected more of the same.

Now before we get really deep with this review, I’ll comment on a trend that I often see with Progressive bands that come out to Australia. It’s really a fantastic thing when a big band brings out another incredible (but less bigger) band with them to tour Australia. Not only does this give the fan incredible value for money but it gives amazing bands the opportunity play to parts of the world that they might not have been able to. We saw it happen when Dream Theater brought out Pain of Salvation and now we’re seeing it with Between The Buried & Me bringing out Animals As Leaders. I’d just like to say a big thank you to any band that decides to bring out another band that the crowd loves. Touring…You’re doing it right.

So let’s do this…..Opening the show was Brisbane locals, ‘The Schoenberg Automaton who were simply a perfect choice for the coveted support slot. These guys opened the show solidly and gave us a taste of what to expect for the rest of the night. This was also my first time seeing their new vocalist, Jake Gerstle and was pretty impressed at his power and energy. Solid set from a great up and coming band, go check them out if you haven’t.

Next to grace the stage, we have Animals As Leaders. I had been hearing a lot about this band and their guitarist, Tosin Abasi over the past few months and was keen to see what they were all about. I was surprised to hear a massive roar as the band merely came on stage to setup their equipment…….And then they began to play……and holy shit, what a band. It was a guitarists dream show. So much melody, so much energy and so many strings! For a three piece with no bassist, these guys can bring the heavy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the band made a lot of new fans that night.

And now the moment that we had been waiting for. Between The Buried & Me hit the stage….and the place goes nuts. Now I’m not sure what kind of gigs The Zoo is designed for, but I don’t particularly think it’s designed for a Death Metal concert (Especially when BTBAM are opening with ‘White Walls’). Fortunately (and unfortunately) I was right up the front for this show and as soon as the band kick into gear, the pit starts and you can literally feel the floorboards warping and shaking!

The band goes through an incredible set which included a couple from the new album, a couple from ‘Colours’ and a few from the rest of their incredible back catalog (including the amazing ‘Disease, Injury, Madness’). The energy felt so immense and their wasn’t a person in the room that wasn’t covered in sweat, this is a death metal concert not a fashion parade after all. I cannot express enough how hard this band rocks. Their delivery is perfect and as a band, they are near perfect. A fair mention must also go to the engineers of the night. All the bands sounded amazing from wherever you were in the venue.

For some, this was the perfect night. For others, this was a near perfect night. For all, this was definitely not a shit night. Was an absolute pleasure seeing these bands perform and I do hope I get to see them again in the future. Nothing but praise and adulation for these bands, and they deserve nothing less.




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