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65 Days of Static tour kicks off in Australia

31 Dec

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The Parkway Drive Experience

21 Dec

Recently I had the chance of experiencing Parkway Drive in concert at Brisbanes iconic Riverstage. I had been hearing about just how insane and chaotic their shows can be so naturally my balls were tingling with excitement. I’ve had my fair share of crazy moshpits and sweatfests at metal concerts, but something in my mind told me to prepare something else..

On Friday the 14th of December, I made my way down to the Riverstage, courtesy of the Queensland rail system. Packed full of the usual pre pubescent teenage Parkway fans, the train ride in was rowdy and uncomfortable due to the foul mouths and annoying gestures of the fans. If I were Ghandi, I would say ‘I like your band, but not your fans’. But whatever, It’ll be worth it right? I finally arrive at the venue and the journey continues as I make my way through the hordes of fans, security and merch stands. Media pass collected, and pen and paper in hand, I cut the line and enter what I can only describe as ‘The War Zone’. Here, tonights willing participants will subject themselves to the music of their gods and idols. A frenzy will take place here, one full of energy and excitement.

There’s a real energy in the air, a certain vibe that you feel when you know that some real shit is about to go down. You’re uncertain of what but you do know when. The anticipation builds as each supporting band completes their set to positive and generous reactions from the crowd. I wasn’t a particular fan of any of the supporting bands but it was good to see the kids getting a kick out of it all. Better them here than on the streets doing stupid shit.

The lights go out and the volume of the crowd goes up. Parkway Drive is about to take the stage. The energy surges and I can feel the strength of the crowd rise. Parkway bring the heavy and the frenzy starts. Each member of the crowd gives %110 back to a band which gives nothing but everything to their fans. This is a proper metal show for sure. The kids up front are going mental and unleashing some of the craziest and most embarrassing dance moves I’ve ever seen. But they didn’t care, no one did, everyone was having a fucking great time and fuck you if you weren’t.

Nothing lets up the whole time Parkway is on that stage. Each member just kicks your ass and doesn’t give you a moment to rest. I’m fucking loving this concert in all it’s momentous glory of metal. Even though I didn’t venture down to the front (it looked like a massacre and I’m probably too old to be moshing with 14 and 15 year olds anyway) I still think I felt the full force (or at least 98%) of the Parkway Experience.

Parkway Drive is one of those gems that Australia produces maybe a couple of times every decade. Seeing them live and feeling their energy in person made me realize that they’re more than just a band. They’re an inspiration, something to aspire to be, something to model yourself on. Maybe, just maybe, that Brazilian kid was right. “If home is where the heart is, then where ever Parkway Drive is, that is home”. Well said buddy, well said.


‘Jump Ship’ – Mutts Company

12 Dec

All the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, our good friends from Mutts Company have released their latest album, entitled ‘Jump Ship’. These lads are an eclectic wave of Synth Rock designed to not only to be incredibly catchy music but also uplifting to the highest of highs. Summer is just around the corner (at least for us Australian folk) and this is the perfect soundtrack for it.

Picture yourself driving down the coast on a perfect day with your friends. Nothing but good vibes and good energy. This is what ‘Jump Ship’ by Mutts Company is all about. Tracks such as ‘Jump Ship’, ‘Bad Diet’ and ‘Country Songs’ are perfect representations of what makes this album such a fun album. However it does have it’s breaks. Songs such as ‘Count Me Out’ and ‘Ghost Track’ provide a nice contrast to this album and gives the listener a chance to get acquainted with the more softer, tender side of Mutts Company.

You might be reminded of that classic 90’s Pop Rock sound that was (and still is) so popular. You’ll be taken back to the times of Nelly Furtado, Incubus, U2, Counting Crows and Dave Matthews. Mutts Company has a great sound and fits well into their own niche. They’re one of those bands that is ‘familiar, but different’. What can I say, they’re easily likable. Don’t be surprised to find yourself doing a bit of toe tapping to this one ladies and gentlemen.

Mutts Company could be at the fore front of a 90’s Rock  revival. Their new album, ‘Jump Ship’ is catchy, simple and quite addictive given enough listens! I was a fan of the 90’s as I’m sure a lot of you are. Listening to these guys gave me a bit of a nostalgic moment in my day and infact brightened it up. Keep an eye on these gentlemen. The next big thing from Europe just might be Mutts Company.




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‘Before’ – Joan Torres’s All is Fused

12 Dec

Joan Torres is one of those incredible talents that you have to delve deep into the treasure chest of music to find. Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Torres defies conventional song writing and playing styles in order to create his incredibly entrancing and technical music. This man is limited to nothing. His latest album, entitled ‘Before’ is everything that makes Joan Torres who he is, a musical ‘free spirit’.

Inundated with complex structures, time signatures and Jazz Fusion melodies, you would expect your brain to be a little sore after a couple of songs. However Torres manages to keep a certain calm flow to each song. ‘Complex music doesn’t have to be math’ and Torres certainly takes this approach to music very seriously. Songs such as ‘Disbelief’,  ‘Another World’ and ‘True’ are classic examples of  fine Jazz pieces and are fantastic representations of this album.

If one word could come to mind when listening to Joan Torres’s ‘Before’ it would be ‘classy’. This is a perfect album for those upscale dining experiences, sultry ‘flowing red dress’ encounters and ‘shaken not stirred’ moments you may encounter during your lifetime. However I wouldn’t place this album in the ‘only fit for certain occasions barrel’. As appropriate for certain occasions this album may be, it is easily just as appropriate to be mesmerized and appreciatively silent towards such fine mastery of music. Sometimes there comes an album where you need to stop and listen, you won’t just want to, you’ll be compelled to stop and listen to ‘Before’ by Joan Torres.

It’s a great thing that Jazz still has a presence in todays music scene. Jazz has a certain mystique and aura to it that other genres don’t possess. Not only being one of the most complex and hardest genres to master, it is one of the most beautiful. To be a master of Jazz you must be extremely dedicated,  passionate and expressive. With ‘Before’ you can sense just how talented these musicians are and you have a certain appreciation for just how difficult it is the even record an album of Jazz.

‘Before’ by Joan Torres is nothing but pleasure. This is an album for the classiest of occasions or for the quietest and most memorizing of experiences. ‘Before’ is of course best fit for the Jazz enthusiast, however I’d also recommend it for any fans of Progressive Rock or Psychedelic Music. Get your hands on this album now!



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Bloodline Festival (Featuring Psycroptic & Ne Obliviscaris) Heading to Brisbane!

3 Dec

Charity festival raising funds for Autism QLD. Headlined by Psycroptic + NeObliviscaris, Lynchmada, Devour The Martyr, As Silence Breaks, Down Royale, Alice Through Windshield Glass, Absolution, BerserkerfoX, A Breach Of Silence, Kyzer Soze, Medusa’s Mirror, 4 Dead In 5 Seconds and I shall Devour.

Bloodline Festival is an all day music event featuring metal bands from all over Australia to be held at the Hi-Fi in Brisbane on Sunday the 17th March 2013.

All profits from this event are being donated to Autism Qld to go to their Brisbane Early Intervention Centre. Bloodline Promotions as well as many of the bands and local businesses have offered their services for free to help raise the maximum amount for the charity.

Headlining this festival will be Tasmanian metal giants Psycroptic, back from their 2012 tour of Europe with Obituary. Main support will be Victorian prog geniuses Ne Obliviscaris, bringing their unique style of progressive metal to the event. Along with these two extremely talented bands will be seasoned performers Lynchmada, local heavyweights Down Royale and bringing the heavy from interstate will be As Silence Breaks, Alice Through The Windshield Glass and Absolution from NSW, Devour The Martyr from WA, and BerserkerfoX from Vic. Rounding out this lineup is a selection of our best local South East Qld bands, which include A Breach Of Silence, Kyzer Soze, 4 Dead In 5 Seconds, Medusa’s Mirror and I Shall Devour.

Perilium live @ The Palace Hotel 30/11/2012

2 Dec

Photos by Ross Ritchie