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Earth Frequency Festival 2013 Photos

28 Feb

Photos by William France


Changing Modes – ‘In Flight’

26 Feb

New York Art Rock band, Changing Modes have released their latest album entitled, ‘In Flight’. This is the bands 5th contribution to their back catalogue and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Changing Modes has come off a great 2012 with a few festival appearances and coveted support slots.

‘In Flight’ is a rather funky album with a hint of surf rock twisted in. It’s a rather stripped back album with no real tampering with the natural sound of the bands instruments. This is definitely a balanced record with a consistency in sound that stays true to what Changing Modes is all about. In Flights is a record that will keep old fans interested whilst possibly branching out to new and younger fans.

Performances on this record are solid and are convincing with conveying energy and fun. That’s what this record is really, a big ball of fun. At times the album can sound like a re-hashed childrens TV theme song or a 70’s pub rock band, but for the most part, it’s a decent album. the drums are solid and tight, the bass lines are funky, the guitars are a little drawn back from the mix and the vocals a little cliche sounding. Certain genres however require certain attributes and I think that Changing Modes embellishes the old idea of Art Rock.

Consistency is the key factor with this record. It doesn’t stray too far song-wise and each song is a consistent continuation of the previous song. You’re not going to get a metal sounding song followed by an acoustic song followed by a ballad. This is an easily listenable album and can keep it’s listener comfortable for it’s duration.

Changing Modes is obviously doing something right or they wouldn’t have made 5 albums and 2 EP’s. They won’t be everyones cup of tea but for their fans, it’s an album full of exactly what they want. I’d reccommend this for fans of Blondie, Dresden Dolls and Sparks. If you’re a fan of Art Rock or vintage Rock, take a listen to ‘In Flight’ by Changing Modes.




Changing Modes Official Website

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Aradia – ‘Possibilities:Dark’

26 Feb

Aradia is an Electronic Pop artist hailing from Seattle. Her style incorporates a lot of dark elements and emotional vocal deliveries. Aradia released her latest album entitled, ‘Possibilities:Dark’ in late 2012.

First and foremost, this album is all about simplicity. The songs aren’t very long, the arrangements, not very complex. It’s a straight, tunnel visioned type of record (which is a preference to some). Not to say this is a bad thing, as it will resonate with some people. However it feels as though, artistically, this album could have been so much more.

‘Possibilities:Dark’ feels as though it was created in a very short space of time. It feels pressured, it feels (in some ways) lifeless and very held back. Of course I’m not the artist and I’m possibly missing the entire point of what this album is meant to be but from a big fan of Electronic music, this album falls short of the standard. The synth sounds on this album sounds as though it was created with a $100 Casio keyboard from Kmart. Budgets (if the budget for this record was low) can’t always allow for the best of equipment to be used, but there are certain elements that you just can’t let stray.

The performance is also quite sub par. Notes are at times flat and deliveries are often of a cliche nature. This record seems like it needed more time to flourish, like it needed more time for ideas to flower into something different and so that the material could go in different directions instead of being stale and cliche.

If I could point out one strong element with this record, it would be Aradias ambition. I think I know where she wants to go, but she just hasn’t reached it yet. Future releases might be better, we can only wait and see. I’d show this album to fans of Bjork and experimental European music and tell them to give it a chance. You never know what people like, it’s all up to the individual in the end.



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Grown Up Avenger Stuff – ‘Sparkleton’

26 Feb

American Indie Rockers, Grown Up Avenger Stuff are set to release their latest album entitled, ‘Sparkleton’. You could fit this band in the smallest of clubs or on the biggest of outdoor stages and still have the audience in raptures. This female fronted band is one of those mystic, spacey bands with the attitude that made the Sex Pistols so famous. The band have just come off the end of a huge year in 2012 with a Canadian tour, several award wins and festival appearances.

First listens of this album will have you reminiscing of times spent listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Joan Jett and maybe even a little Cindy Lauper. The performance on this record is raw and full of the sassy attitude that makes female fronted bands have so much potential to influence. Vocalist, Deirdre Kroener puts on a performance that would make the greats that came before her proud. The band provides catchy and infectious tunes to round up a solid and consistent record.

What makes this record unique is first and foremost it’s energy. This is an extremely energetic and fun record that seems to just scream Fuck You to the powers that be and really embraces what it’s all about to be a fun, rebellious person in a world where that kind of thing is often frowned upon. This band just doesn’t care. This album is real human emotion.

‘Sparkleton’ is a bit of a short album, although I think that is it’s intention. Short, fast, loud and to the point with no breaks or downtime. It’s like sweet, sweet candy giving you that rush of energy for a short amount of time whilst leaving a great taste behind.

I’d recommend this for fans of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Joan Jett, The Sex Pistols or even Florence and the Machine. It’s a great little album with tons of fun packed into such a small amount of time. This is definitely an album for lovers of Punk.




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Cojones – ‘Bend to Transcend’

26 Feb

Hailing from Croatia, Cojones is a band blending Pscyedelic, Hard Rock and Stoner Rock to fashion their own sound of goodness. The band have recently just come off their 5th tour of Europe and are set to branch out into the world with their new album, ‘Bend to Transcend’.

European bands who try to approach the classic Hard Rock style made famous by American bands such as The Foo Fighters, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures often don’t really connect with that attitude and energy that is portrayed by those bands. Cojones is a rare exception though! Upon first listens, you’d be hard pressed to guess that these guys come all the way from Croatia. Their sound on this record could rival that of any Foo Fighters, Kyuss or even Red Fang record. Cojones enforce a constant assault assault on your ears, balancing aural satisfaction with technical prowess. This record really is a fantastically consistent and balanced record.

For a European band, breaking the American and British markets can be tough (especially in the Hard Rock/Metal genre). This is often due to the accent of the singer (unless of course you’re Rammstein or you’re pumping out extreme death metal vocals). Lead singer Bojan Kocijan along with bassist Gordan Tomic deliver an intense and convincing Rock performance. Their vocal style is similar to that of Stoner Rock bands such as Red Fang and Baroness (which is always a good thing).

The production on this album is also fantastic. Dynamically it’s everything a Stoner Rock album should be. Powerful yet slightly fuzzed guitars, thumping drums, intricate bass lines and gritty vocals. The mix is outstanding and could rival any record from a top Rock band of our time.

Cojones have written a great record here. ‘Bend to transcend’ has definitely become one of my favourite Stoner Rock albums to blast through my speakers and at times, I prefer it to a lot of what the American bands are doing. If you’re into bands like Kyuss, Red Fang, Foo Fighters or Baroness then I’d definitely reccommend this album for you and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cojones begin to play all the popular metal festivals around the world.




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Vans Warped Tour returns to Australia in 2013

25 Feb

AJ Maddah, has delivered a shock announcement over the weekend during the recent Soundwave Festival shows that he will be assisting Kevin Lyman in bringing the Vans Warped Tour back to Australia in December 2013.

No bands or dates have been announced as yet, eager fans only have to wait until April to hear who is on the bill. Previous lineups have included the likes of Blink 182, The Living End, Pennywise, and Suicidal Tendancies.

AJ has also stated that this will not be a duplicate of the Soundwave Festival and has clearly stated that there will be a big difference in what bands will be playing, how things are run and what the festival experience will be for the punter.




Aerosmith to tour Australia

25 Feb

Aerosmith have announced that they will be coming down under for a short three date tour. The tour will see the band perform in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The last time the US rock legends were here was in 1990 for the Pump tour. And frontman Steven Tyler remembers it well.

“And hopefully this time they bring our record. Actually the last time we went there, way before the internet, we went there and none of the albums got shipped,” he told Triple M.

The band have a new album out called Music From Another Dimension which saw them reunite with producer Jack Douglas, who worked on their chart-topping 70’s albums like Toys in the Attic (1975) and Rocks (1976).

Bring on the show, boys!

Tickets On Sale

4 – General public on sale at 12.00pm.

Tour Dates

28 – ANZ Stadium, Sydney –

1 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane –
4 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne –