‘So There’ – Grant Lyle

8 Feb

Blues Rock artist, Grant Lyle released ‘So There’ back in April of 2012. Since then the album has had various spins on radio in the US and Canada as well as on several podcasts. Grant is known for his aggressive vocal style and powerful musical portrayal. Monolith recently had the chance to take ‘So There’ for a spin and see how it stacks up with country fans.

First thing you’ll notice with this record is its solid power and aggression. For a country record it has very headbanging qualities to it! The record is primarily acoustically driven with it’s definitive character coming from Lyles vocals. ‘So There’ is also a very versatile record in its own right. Lyle takes the music in directions which flow perfectly from one another to create an atmosphere like no other.

Lyle keeps the pace of ‘So There’ to a relaxing and accessible tempo, relying on dynamic vocal and guitar deliveries to heighten and exaggerate the mood. The rhythmic section of the band stays tight and in fantastic unison, providing powerful support to the melodic attack. Together, They form a relaxing record with moments of unexpected excitement dabbled in.

Production is crisp and clear with tonal qualities reminiscent of 80’s classic Blues records and guitar tones inspired by vintage Fender designs. ‘So There’ is a great, all round sounding record and definitely meets today’s high expectations of quality recordings.

‘So There’ is a well rounded record that will prove popular amongst Blues and Pop fans. It stays true to the raw power and emotion that makes the Blues so beloved whilst being a modern sounding record. A definite on the priority list for fans of Eric Clapton, Howlin’ Wolf, Grateful Dead or Steve Ray Vaughn.




Grant Lyle Official Facebook

Grant Lyle Official Website


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