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Doug Prescott Band – ‘Blues in the Key of Sea’

22 Mar

Here we go ladies and gentleman. Some fine Blues Rock for you right here. The Doug Prescott band have released their latest album called ‘Blues in the Key of Sea’. Imagine yourself out in the middle of nowhere….on some kind of substance, and you stumble upon a random bar. You walk inside and it’s filled with blue collared workers, beautiful women and the smell of fine whiskey wafts through the air. That’s what listening to this album is like. Good enough imagery for you?

This is an album all about simplicity, rawness and classic Blues Rock. It has a real ‘if Zappa made things simple’ kind of feel to it. The riffs are raw, the groove is strong and the charisma flows like water. The Doug Prescott Band aren’t newbies. These guys are seasoned rockers and you can definitely hear the years of experience and wisdom come through the speakers.

The band is absolutely solid, grabbing your attention with every beat and every finely tuned solo break. The layering of instruments is also very well crafted. Skill wise, this band is very well tuned with each other. Each member demonstrates their ability in a tasteful manner. It’s not a one man band when it comes to these guys, they all feed off each other to create one immense experience for the listener.

Diversity is also key with this album. The band fluctuates between dark, moody outlawed ballads, to big, oldschool Blues Rock sing alongs which you can’t help but get up, grab the nearest partner (or broom if you’re alone) and dance. It’s a fun record, it’s a charismatic record, it’s a great record.

Production wise, ‘Blues in the Key of Sea’ is great! It’s a solid sounding record and is mixed very well. Everything stands out when appropriate and when a record has these qualities, it’s a joy to listen to.

I’d definitely recommend this for any Blues Rock fan, Americana fan or Country music fan. The Doug Prescott band has made a fine contribution to the Blues Rock genre and if you’re ever in the middle of nowhere and you see a bar, expect them to be playing one hell of a show inside. Check this album out.




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Louise Aubrie – ‘Time Honored Alibi’

22 Mar

New York songstress, Louise Aubrie is a sultry rocker with plenty of potential to break into the scene. Her sound is luscious, raw and most of all believable. Her latest release, entitled ‘Time Honored Alibi’ is set to showcase the best of her talent and could potentially see big things for her.

‘Time Honored Alibi’ is a gritty and raw rock album with that classic female attitude that was so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Louise Aubrie approaches the style of her predecessors with great respect and contributes to the female rock legacy in fine form. The riffs are catchy, fun and simple. This is an easily accessible album where each song could be an entry point into becoming a fan of  Louise Aubrie. It’s not a demanding album by any means.

Although the album has a real ‘sing and dance’ kind of vibe to it, Aubrie has mixed it up very nicely with a couple of slow ballads. The energy of this record fluctuates very well and gives the listener a chance to catch their breath after a few songs of non-stop energetic fun. A great track on this album that demonstrates what Aubrie can do is ‘Circuit’. This is the first ‘break’ of the album and slows things down to an 80’s bluesy style.

Louise Aubries band must also be commended on this album. Throughout the entire record, they stay tight and also demonstrate some great experimentation with their effects. This is a classic Rock setup that doesen’t stray too far from it’s job but also doesn’t just sit back and support. Each instrument has its moments on this diverse record.

If I had to critique one part of this album it would be the production. It can sound cheap at times (especially vocally) and thus the music can suffer in some points on the record. The backing vocals in some of the songs are borderline off key and don’t really do any justice in serving the song (they could have been left out altogether). Wether these things turn you off the record is up to you, but for the most part, it’s a bearable flaw.

Louise Aubries new album, ‘Time Honored Alibi’ is a nice tribute to female fronted Rock bands. If you’re a fan of 80’s or 90’s female Rock bands, I’d definitely reccomend this album to you. Definately for fans of Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett or Kirsty MacColl.




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This Will Destroy You & Tangled Thoughts of Leaving @ The Zoo 19/03/13

22 Mar

Dynamic bands Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and This Will Destroy You completely destroyed minds last night with their atmospheric and technical music. With them both being of the post rock genre the whole night was just pure bliss and awe.

On arrival everyone was prepared for the night, people were settling in and anticipating the amazing acts that were soon to follow. The mixture of people that were attending was also amazing, from metal heads, to hipsters. Something you don’t see that often, and all of them being there to enjoy themselves and the mu

With the local Brisbane band Arrows opening up with their soft but intense sound and with beautifully mixed vocals they definitely opened up and drew the crowd in for what would be an amazing night. Like always with the post sort of sound the tightness of the band is a must as it is needed to hold the attention of the audience and this is exactly what Arrows did.

Not long after Arrows had finished their set out came Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, an Australian band that I believe does not have the recognition they deserve. Coming from Perth, TToL came out with pure fury right from the word go, holding the crowd’s attention with their insane stage presence and what I would call mathematically insane time signatures. The band was as tight as ever and unlike a lot of ‘math rock’ styled bands, they did not just sound like a cacophony of noise. Their dynamics and tempos changes seemed to lead into one another perfectly. The best way to describe their sound is that they are a 4 piece Orchestra attempting to lead you on a musical journey.

For the main headline act of the night, This Will Destroy You was near the complete opposite of TToL. In comparison to TToL’s pure technical bliss, This Will Destroy You led a much simpler approach to the post rock sound, but held the audience’s attention for the whole hour they played. For the first time in a long time, I saw very little people with their phones out and they actually immersed themselves into the show. With a very elegant stage presence and the lighting dimmed, the audience were able to venture into to the bands dynamic and purposeful instrumentals.

Overall the night was fantastic, each band bringing their own sound of post rock, from the technical mayhem of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving to the much simpler yet beautiful sound of This Will Destroy You. With the whole audience being drawn in the instant each band played, it will definitely be a night to remember. To those who are on the fence about seeing any of the bands on the bill I highly recommend forking out the cash you have to catch these bands.

Photos by William France

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Osaka Punch to play one final show before heading to Europe

20 Mar

After finally releasing their debut album and returning to the live scene with great success, Brisbanes most beloved unsigned band, Osaka Punch will play one final show on the 18th of May at Brisbanes esteemed venue, The Zoo before heading off to Europe for 6 months. The show will be supported by friends, Vayer and Lesuits.

Don’t miss out on your last opportunity to see one of Brisbanes finest bands live.

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Kamelot Announce Australian Tour!

18 Mar

Having never visited our shores before, the announcement of a KAMELOT Australian tour is bound to excite hordes of melodic metal fans across the country!

KAMELOT’s style has been described as a blend of melodic, progressive and gothic metal interwoven with classical elements that defines a genre all their own.  With a new album Silverthorn released late last year and a gigantic back catalogue to select from, the band will have no shortage of ‘elaborate melodic metal’ to share with their fans this June.

Embarking on a new chapter in the group’s history, the long-awaited Australian tour will be packed with intensity, outstanding musicality and epic storytelling that we’ve all been so eagerly waiting for.

Tour Dates: June 2013

Tuesday 4th . Brisbane. Hi Fi

Wednesday 5th. Adelaide. The Gov

Thursday 6th. Sydney. Manning Bar

Friday 7th. Melbourne. Hi Fi

Tickets only $59 + BF available from and at the venues from 9am Friday 22nd March

Are there too many international bands touring Australia?

15 Mar

Australia is one of those countries that is geographically separated from the world, yet still so prevalent and important. In the world of music and culture, we pretty much get the best of everything. We’re a jack of all trades, master of none kind of country if you will. For us, It wasn’t too long ago that we were complaining that the big names hardly ever come to tour our great nation. Now, we seem to be complaining that we have too many touring! What’s with that? Are we being ungrateful or are our complaints justified?

In the past couple of years Aussies have been bombarded with international bands touring the country. Long gone are the days of waiting years for your favourite band to come down. Now it seems to happen every year! And if you have multiple favourite bands, you can forget about affording to see all of them, with increased ticket prices and only a short amount of time between the announcement and the day tickets go on sale, most people surely can’t afford to see every band. Unless you’re rich and have quite a bit of spare time, it seems inevitable that you’re going to miss out on most of your favourite bands when they come to tour.

So are we just a country full of whingers or are our complaints justified? It’s such a first world problem, right? Australia should consider itself incredibly lucky that international bands even bother touring here. Australia is one of the most inconvenient and expensive countries to tour in the world. It really is a pain in the ass for promoters and artists to tour here, so in that respect, we should be grateful. On the other hand, promoters could ease up on the amount of acts they are bringing out….But they’re just making too much damn money off of this shit! It’s really a grey area, no ones opinion is either wrong or right.

However, does this effect our home grown bands? Yeah, of course it does. Am I going to blow off seeing my favourite local band to go see my favourite international band? Probably. It’s a matter of spacing it all out. The number of tours effects our Aussie bands in both negative and positive ways. On the negative, it takes away the punters from the local venues and thus, an audience away from a local band. On the plus side, when international bands give support slots to Aussie bands, it gives them a chance to experience a whole new type of show and expose them to a much wider audience.

I can’t afford to see every band I like that comes to tour here, in fact, I don’t get to see a lot of them. Perhaps we need some guidelines? If I had to suggest a few ideas for easing touring congestion, i’d say lengthen the time between tour announcements and tickets going on sale (give us normal folk a chance to save up to see our favourite band) and that tour supports should be reserved for Australian bands (support Australian bands whilst your down here).

Australia really is a lucky country. We get a lot of amazing acts come to our country every year. We definitely should be grateful for what we have, but we need to be careful to not over crowd the market. A few tweaks here and there could definitely ensure that punters of all classes can go see their favourite acts and at the same time, keep our own culture healthy and strong whilst nurturing our own bands so that they too can tour the world and become successful.

This Will Destroy You Australian tour starts next week

12 Mar

Tues 19 March @ The Zoo, Brisbane QLD
w/Tangled Thoughts of Leaving + Arrows

Wed 20 March @ Annandale Hotel, Sydney NSW
w/Tangled Thoughts of Leaving + We Lost The Sea

Thu 21 March @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC
w/Tangled Thoughts of Leaving + Fourteen Nights At Sea

Fri 22 March @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC
w/Tangled Thoughts of Leaving + Dumbsaint

Sat 23 March @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth WA
w/Tangled Thoughts of Leaving + Dumbsaint

Sun 24 March @ Crown and Anchor, Adelaide SA
w/Fourteen Nights At Sea + Canidae

Presented by The Bird’s Robe Collective, Street Press Australia, Hobbledehoy & Life Is Noise


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Live at Dunk Festival, Belgium

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