This Will Destroy You & Tangled Thoughts of Leaving @ The Zoo 19/03/13

22 Mar

Dynamic bands Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and This Will Destroy You completely destroyed minds last night with their atmospheric and technical music. With them both being of the post rock genre the whole night was just pure bliss and awe.

On arrival everyone was prepared for the night, people were settling in and anticipating the amazing acts that were soon to follow. The mixture of people that were attending was also amazing, from metal heads, to hipsters. Something you don’t see that often, and all of them being there to enjoy themselves and the mu

With the local Brisbane band Arrows opening up with their soft but intense sound and with beautifully mixed vocals they definitely opened up and drew the crowd in for what would be an amazing night. Like always with the post sort of sound the tightness of the band is a must as it is needed to hold the attention of the audience and this is exactly what Arrows did.

Not long after Arrows had finished their set out came Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, an Australian band that I believe does not have the recognition they deserve. Coming from Perth, TToL came out with pure fury right from the word go, holding the crowd’s attention with their insane stage presence and what I would call mathematically insane time signatures. The band was as tight as ever and unlike a lot of ‘math rock’ styled bands, they did not just sound like a cacophony of noise. Their dynamics and tempos changes seemed to lead into one another perfectly. The best way to describe their sound is that they are a 4 piece Orchestra attempting to lead you on a musical journey.

For the main headline act of the night, This Will Destroy You was near the complete opposite of TToL. In comparison to TToL’s pure technical bliss, This Will Destroy You led a much simpler approach to the post rock sound, but held the audience’s attention for the whole hour they played. For the first time in a long time, I saw very little people with their phones out and they actually immersed themselves into the show. With a very elegant stage presence and the lighting dimmed, the audience were able to venture into to the bands dynamic and purposeful instrumentals.

Overall the night was fantastic, each band bringing their own sound of post rock, from the technical mayhem of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving to the much simpler yet beautiful sound of This Will Destroy You. With the whole audience being drawn in the instant each band played, it will definitely be a night to remember. To those who are on the fence about seeing any of the bands on the bill I highly recommend forking out the cash you have to catch these bands.

Photos by William France

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