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Flyleaf Announce Australian Tour

24 Apr

Flyleaf are set for their long-awaited first headline tour of Australia this August.

Flyleaf’s style of hard rock is reminiscent of Deftones, Evanescence and Chevelle. Heavy riffs, thrilling arrangements, memorable melodies and mammoth choruses all blazing with a fresh fire and uncontainable energy, spreading positivity and encouraging hope in their fans.

Flyleaf released their acclaimed self-titled album in 2005. The band supported the album touring through 2006-7 on the Family Values Tour with Stone Sour and Disturbed in the US and an appearance on Australia’s Soundwave. Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed Flyleaf as one of the breakout bands of 2008. In 2009, Flyleaf released their sophomore album, “Memento Mori” to even wider acclaim. The band’s latest album, “New Horizons” was released in 2012 and is the band’s most explosive, expansive, and enigmatic work yet. The band’s subsequent tour introduced fans to new vocalist, Kirsten May formerly of Vedera.

Flyleaf – New Horizons Australian Tour 2013

Thurs, August 15 – Brisbane – Hi Fi Friday                                                                                                                                                                                      August 16 – Melbourne – Hi Fi Saturday                                                                                                                                                                                          August 17 – Sydney Metro – All Ages


The Red Paintings announce Australian Tour!

23 Apr

After a mammoth tour of the UK and US, The Red Paintings will be returning to home soil for a run of shows across Australia!

The ‘You’re Not One Of Them‘ tour will feature a brand-new stage show celebrating our recent single & video release and will be our first dates in Oz after touring the US & UK this year.

Thurs 13 June – Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle NSW – Moshtix & Bigtix
Fri 14 June – The Hi-Fi – Sydney NSW – Oztix & thehifi – ALL AGES
Sat 15 June – The Gershwin Room @ The Espy – Melbourne VIC – Oztix
Sat 22 June – The Hi-Fi – Brisbane QLD – Oztix & thehifi
Fri 28 June – The Rosemount – Perth WA – Oztix & heatseeker
Sat 29June – Fowlers Live – Adelaide SA – Moshtix & venuetix – ALL AGES

Arcane begin crowd funding campaign for new album

23 Apr

Brisbane Prog band, Arcane are running a crowd-sourcing campaign to record their new double album! Donate and help make some great music happen.

The new album (to be released in late 2013) is the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2009 album, ‘Chronicles of the Waking Dream’.

Two Chapels – ‘Free You’

9 Apr

Hailing from New York City, Two Chapels is an electronic duo comprised of singer, Jenn Grossman and producer Marc Wilhite. The pair have recently released a new single entitled ‘Free You’ to get fans ready for a probable album release.

The song is a very atmospherically inspired track. It flows very nicely and combines elements of Electronica from past times and modern times. Although at times the song can seem a little cheesy, it may certainly have it’s place in certain cultures around the world. ‘Free You’ has that sort of, European Synth-Pop sound that we’re used to seeing on Vice documentaries about Europe. By no means is this a bad thing, it just means this song will be popular in those parts of the world and most likely not in the western world.

At times, Grossman appears to be singing slightly off key and sometimes flat. Again this could be merely an observation that I personally make or it could be the majority’s opinion. Overall the track is fairly good. It flows nicely, is of great production quality and would sound great even in the cheapest of car stereo systems.

If you’re into groups such as Massive Attack, Crystal Castles or maybe M83, then check out Two Chapels. Their single, ‘Free You’ is a strong track, perfectly suited for the fan of Electronic Music.



Two Chapels official website

Two Chapels Official Facebook

The Weekenders – ‘Don’t Plan On’

9 Apr

A Rock band from Salt Lake City going by the name of The Weekenders are on the rise and billed as ‘the next big thing’ in Rock. This band is all about raw, pure and balls to the wall Rock n’ Roll. No computers, no backing tracks, just pure human spirit. Their album entitled ‘Don’t Plan On’ is a sentiment to their raw power and portrays what the band is all about in perfect fashion.

In the spirit of the old school, what you see is what you get. In the case of The Weekenders, this is very true. Just four guys playing Rock music. ‘Don’t Plan On’ is a raw musical experience for the connoisseur of Rock n’ Roll.

This is quite a diverse record as well. The band fluctuates between powerful Rock riffery to slow, tender psychedelic Rock runs and fun packed jams. Whilst songs such as ‘Missy’ and ‘Hard Woman’ are hard hitting Rock n’ Roll songs, other tracks such as ‘Penn Station’ and ‘Somantic Spirit’ drift towards the softer and more mellow side of the band.

Production on this record is fantastic. It’s a great mix of old school analogue sounds with the updated quality of modern recordings. The mix stays tight and never strays into the land of horrible quality. ‘Plan On It’ is mixed to perfection and is a great addition to a plethora of fantastically mixed Rock n’ Roll records.

If you’re into the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys or perhaps The White Stripes, then check out The Weekenders. They’re a great, raw and powerful Rock n’ Roll band. Get your hands on their latest record, ‘Don’t Plan On’ now.



The Weekenders Official Facebook

The Weekenders Official Website

The Weekenders – ‘Chin up’

9 Apr


Rob Reinfurt, singer/songwriter for rock n' roll group The Weekenders 
was arrested in 2009 on federal marijuana trafficking conspiracy 
charges along with his close friend, Eric Canori and famous mountain 
biker, Missy Giove.

Eric and him by law and request of their probation officers were/are 
not allowed to contact each other. Being that Eric is in NY and Rob is 
in UT, Rob felt the urge to reach out to his friend upon hearing his 
sentencing, but without violating the terms. Eric was sentenced to 30 
months in prison which he started on Jan 8th. Before he went to prison 
Rob needed to express his feelings so he wrote this song. He had a 
feeling it would reach him through the grapevine, as he's told it did.

According to Rob "Eric is a close friend and a kind and generous man. 
I wanted him to know we're all thinking of him and shining light his 

'Chin up' is a heartfelt message to a beloved friend. It's a sentimental 
ballad that comes straight from the core of human emotions. Lyrically, 
it's absolutely moving and very easy to relate to. Something I find to be 
particularly interesting is how honest and down to Earth this song is given 
how personal the situation is that the song is based around.

Simplicity is also a big factor in this video. No flashy camera angles, 
no explosions, no craziness. Just raw footage of a friend reaching out to another friend. 
It's a perfect film clip which allows the song to be the primary focus. This is pure, deep 
emotion at it's finest. 


Nimbin Mardigrass returns for 2013 – 21st anniversary

9 Apr


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