Karnivool Live @ Eatons Hill 08/08/13

22 Aug


Karnivool have seen themselves dominate the charts in the last few years with their last 2 releases, Sound Awake and Asymmetry (both respectively reaching #2 and #1 on the Aria charts). As well as seeing success in the studio, the band have also seen massive success on the road, selling out show after show and playing some of the worlds biggest stages and festivals. Now Karnivool have embarked on their latest tour in support of their first ever #1 record, Asymmetry. We got the chance to see the band perform in Brisbane and as usual, it was an impressive spectacle….

The lights go dim as the Vool’ enter from side of stage. The familiar sight of the shaggy haired, nordic bearded guitarists, the powerhouse gentleman drummer and their charismatic, always eccentric vocalist, receives a wave of thunderous applause. Our first taste of the Asymmetry album in a live setting then begins with the opening track ‘AM War’. This track (for me personally) fell a bit short on excitement (especially as a set opener) as it was a bit too relaxed but hey, I’m sure the band are sick of opening up with ‘Goliath’ or ‘Cote’ every night.


The set goes on and never ceases in intensity. The Brisbane crowd is treated to a good mixture of both old and new songs from the Karnivool back catalogue. Songs such as ‘Simple Boy’, ‘Goliath’, ‘Set Fire To The Hive’ and the always epic, ‘Deadman’ gave the fans some nostalgic and energetic moments whilst songs from the new album like ‘We Are’, ‘Alpha Omega’ and ‘Naschash’ were received with audacious cheers. The Vool’ just never seem to stop churning out dem hits.


Production for this tour is some of the best I’ve seen at a Karnivool show. They just step it up every year. Although I was singing praises for their production on the Sound Awake tour in those smaller venues (where the sound was amazing…but we’ll get to that later) I was very impressed with what they brought on this tour. It was like a mini arena show.

If I could have one negative comment about the show it’d be that niggling issue of sound (in particular for one member of the band). Throughout the night the soundman just couldn’t get Kenny’s vocals right. They were extremely trebly and just never cut through the mix. It’s a shame because not only was I right next to the sound desk (which should be where the gig sounds best!) but the rest of the band sounded amazing! Judds drums sounded lethal, Stockmans bass was incredible and the guitar sounds from Hosking and Goddard was phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, Ian Kenny was killin’ it on stage, you could tell he was on par as usual, but the sound just didn’t carry through. Could have been that it was the first time Karnivool had performed at Eatons Hill or it could have been a shit night for some of the crew. Reports from the crowd at the front indicate a superb mix, so who knows?


Karnivool is just one of those bands that you fall in love with. Not for their looks, nor for their gear (here’s lookin at you gear nerds) and nor for their celebrity status. People fall in love with the music. It speaks to you on a level that only some music can. And besides the fact that the band tours Australia and the world relentlessly, that they up their game every year and that they inspire thousands of people all over the globe, in the end, it’s the music that makes us love them. Thanks for another great run of shows, guys. Cya next time!

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