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A Conversation With: Mike Lessard (The Contortionist)

30 Oct

The Contortionist are rated highly amongst the latest wave of Technical Death Metal bands to hit the scene. Recently the band had secured the services of Last Chance To Reason vocalist, Mike Lessard. The Contortionist have recently just finished a run of shows in the US supporting Between The Buried And Me. They’re now preparing to tour Australia with Between The Buried and Me and have also begun writing for their next album. We had a chat with Mike about what he’s most looking forward to whilst on tour and about his new role in The Contortionist.

Hey Mike, congratulations on securing the tour support for BTBAM! Has any of the band been to Australia before?

Whatsup, Nic! I have not! This will be my first time. The band has toured down under before I joined but this will be my first experience over there.

What was it like? What are your expectations for the Australian tour?

From what they told me it was awesome! Last time the band was there it was on a much smaller scale but they enjoyed themselves greatly and we’re all looking forward to coming back with Between The Buried and Me.

What are your personal expectations for the tour?

I don’t know if I have any expectations apart from the fact that it’s going to be awesome. So many great musicians and excellent music on one tour! Definitely keen to get down there.

Have you checked out the Australian support, Ne Obliviscaris?

I have! Just found out about them recently and I thought they were excellent. I’m really Looking forward to seeing them play every night while on tour.

What are some myths or stories you’ve heard about touring Australia?

Haha, the only advice I’ve been given is to check my shoes before I gotta put them on. Heard a lot of stories about spiders too….Over where I live that stuff is generally something you don’t have to worry about so hopefully I don’t forget, haha.

Everything in Australia wants to kill you man, be careful! Assuming you guys have a day off down here, what are you most looking forward to doing on that day off?

Nothing planned yet, but I can tell you that I’m definitely hoping to do some scuba diving or surfing, anything to do with the ocean actually. Here in the states I live along the coast so I’d love to utilise some time for scuba diving or surfing.

You guys have been on tour with BTBAM for quite some time now, what are your thoughts on them?

I think they’re a great group of people and a great group of musicians. We’re just so honoured to have toured with them and to have to opportunity to tour with them again! They’re a band we’ve all looked up to for a long time so not only is it awesome to share the stage with them but also get to know them on a personal level.

You’re the new vocalist in the band, congratulations by the way. Hows it been? how has this gig changed your life?

Thanks man! It’s been awesome. I’ve known the guys for about…3 years now? My other band had toured with them before and we also had the same manager! We’ve always been friends as well so now that I’m playing with them it just feels like I’m jamming with some friends. It’s all happened pretty organically. At first it was rushed when I was first filling but now everything feels right.

Have the nerves worn off or are you completely settled into the new role?

Oh I’m totally settled in. I’m ready to go, I’ve got a couple of tours under my belt with the guys and we’ve also started writing for the new album. I don’t really have time to think about it all too much so I’m kinda just acting instead of re-acting.h


Hows the reception been from Contortionist fans?

Pretty good! As far as I can tell it’s pretty much all positive. I’m sure there’s people who have negative thoughts about it all but you can’t please everybody. You just gotta keep doing what you’ve been doing!

Do you think you joining the band will play a factor in writing or band chemistry or will the contortionist remain the same band?

Oh it’ll definitely be a factor. I’ve already started writing myself and the guys have also started adding to pieces that I’ve written. Even in the early stages of joining the band it’s played a factor. I came into The Contortionist already understanding what the band is all about and what they’re general sound is. I’m just trying to grab that, reinforce it and add my own little small spin on things. I’m definitely not going to try change the band, just contribute whatever I can.

Any plans for the next Contortionist record?

Yep! We’ve already started writing and we hit the studio in the spring time. After we’re done with all these tours and have had a little time off, we’ll buckle down and just write non-stop, then record the finished product!

Before we finish, what bands from Australia are you into or are looking forward to checking out whilst in Australia?

Well let’s see….You guys have AC/DC so that’s all you need, haha. But if we’re talking in a modern sense, I really love Karnivool. I’m also really good friends with the guys in Dead Letter Circus. My other band had actually toured with them in the states. Those guys are some of the coolest human beings I’ve ever met. Australia actually has one of the best Rock scenes, man. Every band I see coming out of there is awesome.

Thanks for taking some time to have a chat, Mike. Look forward to seeing you guys on the tour!

Thanks, Nic. Always a pleasure.


The Crimson ProjeKCt announce Australian tour!

30 Oct
The Crimson ProjeKCt is a King Crimson offshoot featuring 3 current members of that historic band.Adrian Belew and Tony Levin joined King Crimson in 1981, giving birth to the 4th incarnation of the band (alongside Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford). Pat Mastelotto joined in 1994, initiating the double-trio phase. They last played together as King Crimson in 2008.
BelewLevin and Mastelotto still have a large influence on popular culture due in part to their critically acclaimed work with some of the world’s most influential artists, such as Frank ZappaPink FloydDavid BowiePeter GabrielDavid SylvianTalking HeadsPaul SimonJohn Lennon, and Nine Inch Nails.
In 2009 Tony and Pat formed the trio Stick Men which also features Markus Reuter on touch guitar. (Markus is an accomplished composer who learned the Crimson repertoire first-hand from Robert Fripp.)Stick Men have released 4 studio albums to date and tour the world regularly.
In 2006, Adrian Belew formed what was to become a long-term live project known as The Adrian Belew Power Trio. The lineup features Julie Slick on bass and drummer Tobias Ralph. The trio routinely tours the world, and has released several albums together including the acclaimed “E”.
Adrian Belew“What happens is this: Stick Men play a set of their music (which includes a Krimson track or two), then the Power Trio plays a set of my music (which also includes a Krimson track), then Tony and Pat and I play a Krimson song (as yet another trio), and then comes the big finale: both trios play more than an hours-worth of Krimson music as a double trio!”

“It’s a helluva show! Nearly 3 hours long! For me and Tony and Pat it’s a way to celebrate the King Crimson music we’ve been a part of since King Crimson is currently taking a break.” 

In the summer of 2012 this sextet supported Dream Theater on a US tour under the name The Crimson ProjeKCt and have retained this moniker ever since. The Crimson ProjeKCt has toured the United States twice, and performed in both Russia and Japan.
Tony and myself discussed the not-easily-doable name of Stick Men & The Adrian Belew Power Trio That Do A Set Of King Crimson Music. Tony’s suggestion was ProjeKct Krimson. Mine was The Crimson ProjeKCt.” (Robert Fripp’s diary, Saturday, 14th April 2012)

Tuesday January 7th – The Studio, Auckland
Thursday January 9th – The Hi-Fi, Melbourne 
Friday January 10th – Manning Bar, Sydney
Saturday January 11th – The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
Tuesday January 14th – Fly By Night, Fremantle

All tickets purchased in November come with 4 free MP3s!!


Ne Obliviscaris Announced as BTBAM Australian Tour support!

10 Oct

Between The Buried And Me are returning to Australia this November to play their ambitious release The Parallax II: Future Sequence in it’s entirety. Joining BTBAM are US Prog Metal alchemists, The Contortionist.

2013 has been nothing short of remarkable for Melbourne progressive metallers NE OBLIVISCARIS. Receiving endless praise for their Portal Of I album, signing to French label, Season Of Mist, having their song ‘And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope’ added to the curriculum at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a hugely successful headline tour of Asia which included a SOLD OUT show in Tokyo! Before hitting the studio to record the follow up to Portal though, they will be joining BTBAM and The Contortionist for one monstrous tour of prog metal mania!




Friday, 15 November: The Zoo Brisbane 18+ 

 Saturday, 16 November: Metro Theatre Sydney 18+ 

 Sunday, 17 November: The Basement Canberra 18+ 

 Tuesday, 19 November: The Corner Hotel Melbourne 18+ 

 Thursday, 21 November Unibar: Adelaide Lic AA 

 Friday, 22 November Amplifier Bar Perth** 18+

Kylesa Announce Australian Tour!

8 Oct

Founded in 2001, and hailing from Savannah, Georgia, the same State that brought us the likes of Mastodon, Baroness, Black Tusk and Royal Thunder, the roots of KYLESA run long and deep in the great Southern Steel of North America.

Originally classified as a crust sludge metal band, the current state and future sounds of KYLESA have gone far beyond the previous sounds of their earlier releases, now incorporating elements of psychedelic rock, progressive metal and experimentation, KYLESA have pushed forward with every new release, whilst still staying true to their original vision of creative all encompassing heavy and progressive music.

Fronted by the guitarists and vocalists Laura Pleasants and Phillip Cope, who founded the band, KYLESA, along with long term drummer Carl McGinley, have had a number of incredible talented personalities pass though the band over the years.

With that being said, the current line up of KYLESA is by far their strongest, and the band is incredible happy to be finally bringing this line up to Australia for their first ever headline tour.

TOUR DATES: December 2013

Saturday 7th: Perth @ The Rosemount

Sunday 8th: Melbourne @ The Corner

Tuesday 10th: Melbourne @ The Howler

Wednesday 11th: Canberra @ The ANU

Thursday 12th Sydney @ The Hi Fi

Friday 13th: Brisbane @ The Hi Fi