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The English Beat Announce Australian Tour!

29 Nov

Charging onto the scene as ‘the hottest thing since the Pennsylvania meltdown’ in 1979, Birmingham’s Ska Kings sustained an equally explosive career, spearheading the British Ska movement alongside influential acts like The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners and The Selecter. Their sound is a cosmic blend of ska, punk and reggae. Hypnotic, rhythmic and danceable while remaining politically aware and socially active.

The current US-based incarnation boasts a setlist jam packed with fan favourites – Mirror In the Bathroom, Save It For Later, Too Nice to Talk To, Stand Down Margaret, Hands Off She’s Mine, I Confess and their 2Tone Records debut, a skankin’ cover of Smokey Robinson’s classic, Tears Of A Clown to name a few!

If last visit’s Sold Out shows in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney are anything to go by, there is no need to think twice – tickets will go fast, because The English Beat is very much alive, kicking and more infectious than ever!!


Thursday, 15 May – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Friday, 16 May – Caravan Club, Melbourne

Saturday 17 May – Metro Theatre, Sydney

Sunday, 18 May – The Zoo, Brisbane

Wednesday, 21 May – The Gov, Adelaide

Friday, 23 May – Rosemount Hotel, Perth


A Conversation With: Laura Pleasants (Kylesa)

21 Nov

Kylesa are a band that is fast becoming a house hold name in the Southern Rock genre. Even though they’re amongst a plethora of amazing bands such as Red Fang, Kyuss, Baroness and Mastadon, Kylesa still demands massive respect and proves time after time why they’re such a great band. Now the band is about to embark on their second visit to Australia (the last time being for Soundwave 2011) and their first ever headline tour of the great southern land. We spoke with Laura Pleasants to find how preparations are going and what it’s like to be a part of the mighty Kylesa.

How are you Laura? Thanks for taking some time to chat with us!

Hey man! No worries, always a pleasure.

Last time you were here was for Soundwave back in 2011. What are you guys planning for this tour since it will be a bit more of an intimate setting?

Thanks man! You’ll be able to expect our FULL show. If we’re touring on a festival it’s always pretty stripped down due to time constraints, so this time around we’ll have our full setup going on. With this tour we’ll be able to portray ourselves in a way that we feel we should be seen. Being seen on a festival stage is really fucking awesome, but it’s a totally different vibe when you play the smaller club stages.

A lot of bands have said there favourite places to play in Australia are the smaller venues. Is this the case for Kylesa?

Well we played a couple of club shows when we were down for Soundwave ’11 and those were a lot of fun! I love club shows….they’re different, haha. The energy is different, the sound is different, the rider is different and the sets are usually more awesome. But from the experiences we had playing those couple of club shows in Australia back in 2011, I think it’s going to be a lot better this time and we’re pretty much just gonna do what we always do, rock out and fucking enjoy it.

Do you guys like to hangout and mingle with the fans before the show?

It depends, man. It depends on how much time there is before the show most of the time. I generally like to hangout and get a feel for the venue, the people, maybe have a couple of beers as well. I generally warm up about 45 minutes before we play. A good time for me to start warming up is when the main support is playing. 

Before a gig do you like to party or practice before hand?

Haha, I ain’t no party animal….Ok that’s a lie. BUT for most of the show I’m pretty sober. After the show it’s fair game but before the show I’ll have like 2 or 3 drinks. On stage I have so much going on between my effects, guitar playing and singing and I manage all of that stuff far better when I’m thinking straight.

I’ve always liked bands that are all about music. Kylesa to me are a band that ‘feels the music’. A trend in music that seems to be happening is the whole ‘technically tight’ thing. Is it important for you to just feel the music and rock the fuck out, or is it more so important to be as tight as can be?

Cool question, man. Personally I’ve always been about feeling the music. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time but even when I was starting out I never cared about being very technical or anything. I can totally enjoy that kind of sweep picking and hectic guitar solo stuff but for the most part I enjoy music that I can feel and see the realness to it. I’m never going to be Yngwie. 

I tend to like simple stuff. You can change the world with three chords and a great down beat and that to me is so fucking awesome. I think a lot of young guitarists are forgetting that it’s ok to not be the fastest or the most technical.

What interests me is sound, feeling and emotion. All of my favourite bands have these factors. Just the idea of shaping sound is awesome to me, because that’s all we’re really doing. I have my own way of doing it and it’s very different to a lot of the traditional heavy stuff that goes around.

With Metal there is this assumption that you are a technically proficient player, it’s like that’s part of the deal. That stuff just doesen’t interest me. At the same time though, it’s VERY important for bands to be tight. However, some of the best gigs I’ve ever seen were from bands that were’nt very tight, but they filled the room with such an intense energy from the way they were playing. So you have to have the a little bit from both worlds I guess.

Another trend I see with Southern Rock bands are that you guys can be incredible gear nerds who take their fuzz way too seriously. Are you guys real picky with gear, or is it a case of ‘playing whatever’s there on gig day’.

Hahahah, Oh man, yeah that’s true. We’re massive gear heads. We have so many pedals and I can’t help but geek out all the time, man. It’s a bit of both though. You have to make do with what you’re able to take on tour with you. Over the past few years though there’s been a lot of new pedal makers and we’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of awesome stuff out. I have two huge pedal boards but a lot of the time I can only take one of them so you gotta really just see what works best with whichever head and cab you’ll be using. But man, Fuzz pedals are my favourite, haha. They’re cool because I can just plug into an amp that has a decent clean tone and switch on the Fuzz and we’re good to go, man.

One drummer is awesome. Two is even more awesome. What was the reasoning behind having 2 drummers in the band? And out of the two, who’s fault is it that you can’t bring 2 pedal boards?

Hahaha! Well I guess I’d have to blame our second drummer, haha. Can’t really blame the first. But we came up with the concept back in 2001, when we formed the band. It didn’t work out at first because the original guy we had didn’t want to do it so we continued with just one drummer for a long time. But since about 2005-2006 we’ve been in a position where we can have two drummers. We first tried it out in our practice space and it was just so loud, thunderous and created such an amazing energy so we were like ‘Yeah this is fucking awesome’ and just decided to have two drummers!

It opens up a lot of space for experimentation as well, especially in the studio. On record you can make certain things very subtle so on record, you probably won’t hear too much of a difference. In a live setting however it really comes into play. In a live setting having two drummers adds so much more volume to your sound and so I think it really works well in that setting. It’s just a cool dynamic to have if you can pull it off.

This must present an issue in the finance department when touring, right?

It definitely is, man. It’d be waaaaayy cheaper to have just one drummer, hahaha. It’s super effective in terms of touring to just have one drummer…..or non at all, haha. Having two drummers is way more awesome though.

A lot of bands have said that Australia is one of the most expensive places to tour. Is it financially viable to even tour here?

I do recall Australia being quite expensive to tour, logistically wise. Everything else isn’t too bad, it’s just a big place to tour that’s all. I was actually just over in Norway and I’d definitely say Norway is more expensive than Australia. They tax alcohol and beer!…Which I know Australia does to but over there a pint of beer is like thirteen dollars. But yeah, I’ll still be pinching my pennies when I come over to Australia, haha.

At what point did you guys relax into being somewhat of a ‘big name’ band?

I don’t know man, haha. Are we a big band? Haha. We’re pretty happy that people like us and are really into our music. It makes it a lot easier to get motivated and keep making music. However in saying that, we work really hard, man. We’re not a band that has a lot of outside help. A lot of other bands have management companies, promo companies etc. behind them but we like to keep things pretty small in terms of the business side of the band. 

Do you think that Kylesa will ever turn towards crowd funding?

I think it’s a good idea. If you can get people to pay for your record or tour then good for you. Bands who do that are just getting rid of the middle man. I’m not sure if Kylesa will ever do it, maybe if we ever get a bit more popular.

I’d just like to ask a few more questions to finish off.  Firstly, I’ve recently just begun collecting vinyl records. Knowing that you’re a vinyl fan yourself, what is best consumed, taken or smoked before having a good vinyl sesh?

Definitely depends on the record and what you want the record for. If it’s just for pure chilling out, light up a J and smoke up for sure.

Two. What’s the most recent record that hit the spot for you?

Oh man. I would say it was the new Queens of the Stone Age record. Took me like one minute to get into it. Totally awesome record.

And Three. We always like to ask international artists this question. Who are your favourite modern Australian bands at the moment?

I like that band Tame Impala. I saw them this past summer and I’ve got a couple of their records, I think they’re really fucking cool. Another Australian band that I’ve really been into lately is INXS, those guys get me everytime, man.

Thanks for taking some time to chat, Laura. Catch ya when you’re on tour!

Thanks, Nic! Hope to see you guys at a show!

Absu Announce Australian Tour w/Portal!

19 Nov

Cult mythological metal warriors ABSU will return to conquer Australia once again in March 2014. Joining them on the crusade will be none other than legends from the abyss PORTAL and blackened death metal overlords DENOUNCEMENT PYRE

With 3 sold out shows on their first tour of Australia in 2012, ABSU mesmerized audiences with their patented maniacal blackened metal attack – proving why they are one of the most important, exciting and influential bands in the genre. Both the band and the fans mutually agree that a return to Australian shores is essential and the time is upon us!

Few bands earn the right to be considered a ‘cult’ band – even fewer live up to the title. ABSU are one of the few who have not only earned this title; they command it. ABSU’s recordings are mandatory listening for any metal fan, their live show a ritual that must be witnessed. If you were part of the chaos on their first tour, we’ll see you again. If you missed out, this is your opportunity to redeem yourself.


Wednesday March 19 – Enigma Bar, Adelaide*

(*Portal & Denouncement Pyre not appearing)

Thursday March 20 – Amplifier Bar, Perth   

Friday March 21 – Hifi Bar, Melbourne 

Saturday March 22 – The Factory, Sydney 

Sunday March 23 – Crowbar, Brisbane

Earthless Announce Australian Tour w/The Shrine!

18 Nov

It’s official psych fans, California’s finest are returning to Australia for a 3rd time, and to mark such a glorious occasion, they’re bringing Los Angeles mega hyped garage punks, and fellow label mates, The Shrine with them.

Hailing from San Diego, Earthless have been spreading their psychic trans love energy all over the World since 2001, they’ve shared stages with the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Baroness, Dead Meadow, and Wooden Ships, just to name a few, and with the release of their 3rd studio album “From the Ages” (Tee Pee Records), which is highly regarded as their finest recorded output to date, it seems like there’s no slowing down, or turning back. The Earth is their oyster, no less.

If you’re unaware of Earthless, they’re essentially a high-energy rock n roll band with their influences heavily planted in the golden age of 60’s and 70’s heavy psych and Kraut Rock. They feature none other than Mario Rubalcaba on drums, one time Pro Skater, now full time drummer, Mario also plays for the likes of OFF!, Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes.

On guitar they feature Mr Isaiah Mitchell, who as many would claim is an undisputed guitar virtuoso. Lastly on bass, Earthless feature Mr Michael Eginton, part time bassist, part time record storeowner, and full time dad!

This now brings me to The Shrine.

If you haven’t experienced this power trio, get ready, as they’re with out a doubt one of the most down to earth, coolest, and straight shooting skater punks bands on the planet. Forget about all that 90’s pop punk phony skater punk rubbish, these dudes are taking shit way back to where it all began. Imagine hanging out in Southern California in the mid 70’s with the Dog Town and Z Boys skate crew, then think of the best possible punk rock’n sound track to those times, what you have here is The Shrine. End of story!

Tour Dates:

Dec/Jan 2013/14

Saturday 28th: Perth @ The Rosemount Hotel

Sunday 29th: Fremantle @ MoJo’s

Monday 30th: Geelong @ The Barwon Club

Tuesday 31st: HEATHEN SKULLS NYE Party Fest The Corner Hotel – Melbourne

Wednesday 1st: Canberra @ The Basement w/ Tumbleweed

Thursday 2nd: Newcastle @ The Cambridge w/ Tumbleweed

Friday 3rd: Brisbane @ Crowbar w/ Eternal Elysium (Japan)

Saturday 4th: Sydney @ The Hi Fi w/ Eternal Elysium (Japan) + Dead China Doll

Sunday 5th: Melbourne @ The Hi Fi w/ Eternal Elysium (Japan), White Walls + Bad Visions

Children of Bodom Announce Australian Tour!

18 Nov

Children of Bodom, a name that redefined a genre and made it their own and a name that continues to galvanise all walks of life and all Heavy Metal sub-genres within that culture, it’s a name that crosses genres and moulds them into the one army. In 2014, Children of Bodom return to Australia for an exclusive East Coast tour on the back of their strongest release to date that surpasses any of the band’s classic and ground breaking releases such as‘Something Wild’, ‘Hatebreeder’ and ‘Follow The Reaper’.

Fronted by the charismatic Alexi Laiho, Children of Bodom deliver live performances that are nothing short of breathtaking with every show leaving the viewer spellbound and gasping for air. Such is the enormous amount of energy and entertainment the entire band puts out, simply stated, Children of Bodom back up their studio recordings with a non-stop battery and barrage to the senses of anyone that attends their shows, it’s the only way they know and long may it continue!

Children of Bodom will perform tracks off their brilliant and recent new release ‘Halo of Blood’; they will also perform a comprehensive selection of fan favourite tracks. Children of Bodom will be performing East Coast shows only; Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney (All-Ages). They will be supported nationally by Eye Of The Enemy and will be joined by Orpheus Omega for the Melbourne show.

Tour Dates:

Wednesday 7th May – Billboard The Venue, MELBOURNE (18+)

Tickets from  /  /


 Friday 9th May – The HiFi, SYDNEY (All Ages)

Tickets from  /


Saturday 10th May – The HiFi, BRISBANE (18+)

Tickets from  /


Karnivool & Dead Letter Circus Announce Australian Tour!

16 Nov

_Current landscape  1 meg Karnivool_Speakerbox_Landscape

Karnivool are BEYOND pleased to announce the “Polymorphism” tour 2014, teaming up with their old friends AND sparring partners Dead Letter Circus to tread the boards, visit some old hunting grounds and move some air in the best way possible, soaring guitars and a giant bottom end.

After sold out shows in Australia, last month Dead Letter Circus grabbed their round the world tickets and headlined Krank’d Up Festival in South Africa, toured the UK and Europe on a co-headline run with Monuments, played Euroblast Festival in Germany, and are now in California on their North American tour with Periphery. Returning to home shores for a heavily requested tour with great friends Karnivool over summer, vocalist Kim Benzie said “This is a lineup that has been talked about for years that no-one thought would ever be possible. We can’t wait!”

Ian Kenny from Karnivool adds, Karnivool are teaming up with Dead Letter Circus this coming January. With both bands having new records in hand this shit is going to be fresher than Jay-Z’s sneaker closet. Don’t miss it!”

Australia’s finest instrumental musclemen sleepmakeswaves who only recently came back from touring Europe themselves complete the line-up for the Polymorphism tour which kicks off on January 8th in Melbourne and takes in other capital cities and some major regional areas. Tickets are on sale next Monday 4thNovember, best be getting in quick to secure tickets to the behemoth that is the Polymorphism Tour!


Presented by Billions Australia, Fidelity Corp, Triple M & Faster Louder

With special guests sleepmakeswaves

Tickets for all shows from










EYEHATEGOD Announce 25th Anniversary Australian Tour!

16 Nov

Hailing from the dark lands of the deep South, better known as New Orleans, North America’s most uncompromising band EYEHATEGOD came to be In the year 1988, and have since created a 25 year legacy of sheer unadulterated, no holds bared, musical brutality.

Their vision was pure and their approach was hostile, through the course of their four studio albums, a 5th has been recorded and is yet to be released, EHG have made an unquestionable mark on heavy music the World over, between influencing countless bands and helping create the musical sub genre of heavy music called sludge metal, EHG are a force to be reckoned with, and they’re still touring harder than ever, playing more intensely than most bands half their age.

With founding members Jimmy Bower (Guitar) and Mike Williams (Vocals), together with long time serving members Brian Patton (Guitars) and Gary Mader (Bass), Eyehategod now welcome their newest member Aaron Hill (Drums) to the EHG family, after the recent passing of the late Joey LaCaze, who was in the band since their inception way back when.

In celebration of their 25th Anniversary EYEHATEGOD will be returning to Australian shores this January to show us all what we don’t know how.

Ticket for ALL shows are $40 + BF via / $50 on the door On sale Monday, November 18

TOUR DATES: January 2014

Thursday, January 16: Perth @ The Rosemount

Friday, January 17: Brisbane @ The Hi Fi

Saturday, January 18: Sydney @ The Hi Fi

Sunday, January 19: Melbourne @ The Hi Fi