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Nimbin’s Mardigrass Festival

13 May


For those who don’t know, Mardigrass is an annual cannabis law reform festival, held in a cosy little town in northern New South Wales. Nimbin is widely known as a home to marijuana and marijuana enthusiasts, but there is much, much more on offer. I had the pleasure of visiting Nimbin to document the infamous Mardigrass festival and experience the town’s culture.


There was a distinct feeling of happiness and harmony throughout the festival, much different to that of Brisbane’s bustling city. The main street, no longer than 200m, was packed with soulful buskers, vegan cuisine and street performers, alongside a large number of events and seminars, providing an almost endless list of things to experience. Something worth noting was the lack of people drinking alcohol; as well as there being only one alcohol related incident (that I am aware of) over the entire weekend. That is pretty damn good for a festival that attracts thousands of people from around the world.


I do not feel that I can adequately describe the natural beauty that is Nimbin. The air is clearer, the grass greener, and the sense of community, abundant. It is by far the most relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable place that I have ever visited in my entire life. I eagerly await my next trip.

– William France

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