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The Weekenders – ‘Chin up’

9 Apr


Rob Reinfurt, singer/songwriter for rock n' roll group The Weekenders 
was arrested in 2009 on federal marijuana trafficking conspiracy 
charges along with his close friend, Eric Canori and famous mountain 
biker, Missy Giove.

Eric and him by law and request of their probation officers were/are 
not allowed to contact each other. Being that Eric is in NY and Rob is 
in UT, Rob felt the urge to reach out to his friend upon hearing his 
sentencing, but without violating the terms. Eric was sentenced to 30 
months in prison which he started on Jan 8th. Before he went to prison 
Rob needed to express his feelings so he wrote this song. He had a 
feeling it would reach him through the grapevine, as he's told it did.

According to Rob "Eric is a close friend and a kind and generous man. 
I wanted him to know we're all thinking of him and shining light his 

'Chin up' is a heartfelt message to a beloved friend. It's a sentimental 
ballad that comes straight from the core of human emotions. Lyrically, 
it's absolutely moving and very easy to relate to. Something I find to be 
particularly interesting is how honest and down to Earth this song is given 
how personal the situation is that the song is based around.

Simplicity is also a big factor in this video. No flashy camera angles, 
no explosions, no craziness. Just raw footage of a friend reaching out to another friend. 
It's a perfect film clip which allows the song to be the primary focus. This is pure, deep 
emotion at it's finest. 


‘Africa’ (Toto Cover) – Chaos Divine

19 Jul

One of my favorite covers of the year! Australias, Chaos Divine take on Totos classic, ‘Africa‘. Check it out!

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Drunksouls – ‘Human Race’ Music Video

5 Jul

Now I’m a bit of a sucker for music videos that are a bit left of center (or that don’t just feature scantily clad women dancing). So I was delighted to review the latest music video from French Reggae band, Drunksouls. With the help of director, Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, These guys have racked up close to three hundred thousand views and several awards  for this video clip…..and it’s easy to see why.

The video clip for ‘Human Race’ is filled to the brink with shots of beauty and exhilaration. A reoccurring theme of extreme sports is the basis for the clip with sports such as Slack Lining, Tight Rope Walking and Bungee Jumping being featured. These sports are enough to scare even the bravest of us, however it’s in the music where this video shines. The combination of the slow, swaying groove and clips of these extreme sports creates a kind of honest beauty not normally seen in music videos today. Death defying clips of people walking across canyons along tight ropes is just one of the many scenes that keep you glued to your seat whilst the accompanying music allows you to stay relaxed and somewhat appreciate the purity and beauty behind these sports. After watching it you’ll feel as though you’re a better and more inspired person.

The ‘Human Race’ music video is honest and I feel it shows the human spirit in its truest form. If anything, this video might even give you a sense of hope. Personally I know what it’s like being surrounded by nothing but skyscrapers and roads and in this video you get to see a whole different world, one where everything makes sense, one where there is nothing to stop you from doing what you love. Drunksouls and Sebastien Montaz-Rosset have produced an incredible video for ‘Human Race’ and I could not recommend it enough.


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