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‘Give It Your Love’ – Leo Drioli

7 May

Leo Drioli is a man with a message of hope and peace. Exactly why he will be debuting his latest single at the Dalai Lamas conference which is to be held in Adelaide in June of this year. His single entitled, ‘Give It Your Love’ is a beautiful sentiment to a simple mans outlook on life.

Musically, I thought the song was initially going to launch into Sixpence None The Richer’s ‘Kiss Me’. Although very similar introductions, Leo Drioli does not mimic that song….(ok he does a little bit). However, it’s a great song with a simple approach and catchy vocal phrases (similar to phrasings from Paul McCartney, Blur and Oasis).

The music video for ‘Give It Your Love ‘ is also (like the song) simple in its nature and positive in its message. Leo Drioli has done a great job at utilising and conveying a message of peace, hope and love with both his song and video clip.

If you’re into music from Oasis, Sixpence None The Richers or even The Beatles, check out Leo Drioli’s single, ‘Give It Your Love’. It’s a message of positivity and peace. If it’s good enough for the Dalai Lama, must be good enough for us, right?



Two Chapels – ‘Free You’

9 Apr

Hailing from New York City, Two Chapels is an electronic duo comprised of singer, Jenn Grossman and producer Marc Wilhite. The pair have recently released a new single entitled ‘Free You’ to get fans ready for a probable album release.

The song is a very atmospherically inspired track. It flows very nicely and combines elements of Electronica from past times and modern times. Although at times the song can seem a little cheesy, it may certainly have it’s place in certain cultures around the world. ‘Free You’ has that sort of, European Synth-Pop sound that we’re used to seeing on Vice documentaries about Europe. By no means is this a bad thing, it just means this song will be popular in those parts of the world and most likely not in the western world.

At times, Grossman appears to be singing slightly off key and sometimes flat. Again this could be merely an observation that I personally make or it could be the majority’s opinion. Overall the track is fairly good. It flows nicely, is of great production quality and would sound great even in the cheapest of car stereo systems.

If you’re into groups such as Massive Attack, Crystal Castles or maybe M83, then check out Two Chapels. Their single, ‘Free You’ is a strong track, perfectly suited for the fan of Electronic Music.



Two Chapels official website

Two Chapels Official Facebook

‘Calling All The Saints (SOS Haiti)’ – Dino Jag

8 Feb

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Dino Jag has had a successful couple of years with his single, ‘Calling All The Saints (SOS Haiti)’. The song was written about the devastating earthquakes which struck Haiti almost 3 years ago. The song was placed in Reverbnations ‘Music For Good’ program and has become the most downloaded song in that program with 50% of the proceeds going directly to Oxfam America. The song has also just hit over forty-three thousand views on Youtube.

Although considered a Country/Pop artist, Jag seems to have adopted a some what Radiohead-esque sound for this song. The drawn out and fluctuating vocal style is very reminiscent of Radioheads Tom Yorke and the arrangement and tonal qualities of the song are that of a Radiohead Pop Song attempt. It’s a well thought out song, though and has many great qualities about it.

Many songs which are designed purely for the purpose of raising awareness/money or being a catalyst for change often fall short of having any likable qualities.  Most attempts seem to be written by fat cat record label execs on the 46th floor instead of the lyrical genius busking on the street for 5 bucks. However, Dino Jag has successfully delivered a ‘charity’ song that can be considered a musical enjoyment. It’s well written, recorded well, performed well…and doesn’t rely on a plethora of celebrities to appear on it.

‘Calling All The Saints’ is song that is full of heart and genuine empathy towards the victims of the Haiti earthquakes. It’s a song that has done a tremendous job in raising money and awareness towards this tragedy and Dino Jag should definitely be proud of not only what it’s done for his career, but what it’s done to help the victims and their families. I’d definitely recommend this song for fans of Radiohead, Bruno Mars or Damien Rice. And if you do decide to check it out, be sure to make a donation.




Dino Jag Official Facebook

Dino Jag Official Website


‘Gasoline’ – Didi Benami

15 Jun


Beautiful, soft, calming, heavenly and simple. These are words that come to mind when listening to Didi Benamis debut single, ‘Gasoline’.

Expect to find yourself pressing the repeat button on your media player when listening to ‘Gasoline’. This is simplistic pop in it’s finest form. ‘Gasoline‘ is a song that you should subject yourself to whilst doing anything. It creates a perfect mood in your home, it creates a sense of calm and a feeling of positivity. This song is pure joy to listen to.

The smooth, flowing vocals of Didi Benami fit perfectly over the shimmering guitar chords, creamy bass lines and infectious drum grooves of her backing band. Didi Benamis voice shifts extremely well between notes and her vibrato is impeccable. Her lyrical content also contains simple, yet effective imagery which is easy to understand and relate to. ‘Gasoline’ is a fine example of what this woman can do.

Didi Benamis debut single, ‘Gasoline’ is definitely a song you want on your iPod. This song is perfect for almost any occasion and will shine light in even the darkest of places. Success is nothing new to Didi Benami, however I wouldn’t be surprised if even more found its way towards her in the future.


You can buy Didi Benamis debut single, ‘Gasoline’ from iTunes and Amazon


You can find anything and everything on Didi Benami at:

Didi Benami Facebook!/Didibenami


‘I Have a Dream’ – Free From Gravity

26 Apr

‘I Have a Dream’ by Free From Gravity is the latest single from the UK 4 piece. Free From Gravity have certainly created some stellar music and videos in the past, so how does ‘I Have a Dream’ compare to the rest? Pretty good actually!

Best described as ‘A blast from the past’, ‘I Have a Dream’ feels like a revitalization of music that has somewhat slipped out of todays popular culture.  Basically, it feels as though this track is designed for some serious nostalgia moments. Good Thing? Yeah…yeah it is!

The video for ‘I Have a Dream’ is also a great visual representation for the song. A simple showcase with the band on stage doing what they do best. This delivers an appropriate image and backdrop for what the song (and band) is all about…..simple, down to Earth fun.

‘I Have a Dream’ takes the listener on a fantastic nostalgic adventure. Another great addition to the bands back catalogue and an accompanying video that is pure class.


You can check out Free From Gravity at their Official Facebook.